Family Feud Live: Celebrity Edition
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Family Feud Live: Celebrity Edition

Date: Nov 01, 2019


Due to unforeseen scheduling conflicts, Family Feud Live: Celebrity Edition, is no longer able to visit the Florence Center in Florence, SC, on November 1st. While they hope to visit and entertain Florence in the future, additional shows and dates can be found at Refunds are available at your point of purchase.


Family Feud Live: Celebrity Edition!

Host: Rubin Ervin
Team Captains: Pauly Shore and Chris Kattan

From the producers of TV’s Family Feud comes…Family Feud Live: Celebrity Edition! TV’s favorite game show live on stage. Get selected to play on stage with our celebrities, and win cash and prizes right from your seat!

Join our fun and famous celebrity team captains and have a chance at becoming a member of their on-stage “family.” It’s a star-powered live version of the wildly popular TV game show, bringing lots of laughs and loads of prizes to randomly-selected people just like YOU.

See official contest rules here.

Learn more about Family Feud Live at

Tickets are on sale now and prices range from $32-$59
Additional fees and restrictions may apply. Ticket prices subject to change.


Rubin Ervin - Host



FAQs and How to Register

Family Feud Live: Celebrity Edition


How will the registration process work?

- Registration takes place on the day of show, starting 3 hours prior to showtime.

- Registration closes at showtime.

- Each eligible contestant will show their ID to the event staff if requested, and then write their first, last name and day of birth (0-31) on a registration card and then drop this card into a designated bin.

- There is no ticket purchase required to register to be a contestant and will not be considered a factor in determining eligible contestants or in the contestant selection process.

Registration process for venue in detail:

Registration Card Distribution: Producer will provide venue with blank registration cards. Venue staff will give only one card to each eligible contestant.

- You must be over 18 years of old to register.

- For ticket holders, registration cards are given out as they present their ticket upon entering venue. Each ticket is good for only one card, in the same manner that it is only good for one admission.

For non- ticket holders who make it known that they wish to register (No Purchase Necessary), they are given a registration card and go through the same process as ticket holders. A hand stamp (provided by producers) is used to indicate that person has received registration card but does not have a ticket to the show.

A waiting area (to be determined per venue) is be provided for patrons who wish to register but do not have an admission ticket. This area will only be needed until after names are randomly selected and cross referenced with individuals waiting. This happens just prior to the start of the show. At that time, anyone selected from these individuals will be invited into the theatre to take a seat. Everyone else in the waiting area are dismissed.

Registration Card Collection:

Guests drop the registration card into a designated bin, and the producer collects all cards in the bin to conduct the random drawing.

Will people be able to register before the night of the show?

Unfortunately, no. Registration will open 3 hours prior to each show.

Will people be able to register more than one person at a time?

All contestants are only able to register themselves and must show an I.D. if requested.

What is the procedure for someone who shows up to register but does not have a ticket?

Regulations require everyone who shows up and wants to register to be allowed to do so and have equal opportunity to be called down to be a contestant. If an individual registers to play and DOES NOT have a ticket to the show, they will be directed to a pre-determined location.

The names of all eligible registrants will be weighted equally, that is, no advantage shall be given to individuals who purchased a ticket over individuals that did not. If an individual who did not purchase a ticket is selected as a contestant, that person will be escorted to an open

seat in the venue. Individuals who did not purchase a ticket and were not selected may leave the holding area after the random drawing.

Do people need to be there 3 hours before the show in order to register?

Early registration allows contestants to avoid longer lines. Registration will stay open until

the posted show time. It is not necessary for people to stay at the theatre once they register.

The only requirement is that they be back at the theatre by showtime.

When does the drawing take place?

The random drawing to determine show contestants will take place backstage during the opening segment of the show. All eligible contestants must be present at the time their name is called or they will be disqualified, and another randomly selected name will be called. Eligible contestants who registered but did not purchase a ticket will be informed if their name was selected within 20 minutes of the start of the show. A producer will inform them in the designated waiting area.

How do people collect their prizes if they win?

After someone wins a prize, a producer will ask them to return to the front of the stage area immediately after the show where all the necessary paperwork will be filled out. The amount of time the paperwork takes to fill out depends entirely on the number of winners in the show. It is usually no longer than 30 minutes to get through this process for the winners.

How are contestants selected for each show?

All contestants are selected entirely at random from the pool of registered contestants.

How old do you have to be to register?

You must be 18 years of age or older to be eligible to register to become a contestant.

Can you still go to the show if you are underage?

Absolutely. Anyone can buy tickets and watch the show. It's often a family affair, however

only those 18 years of age or older can be eligible to be a contestant.

Who will be the host and the celebrity Family Feud family captains?

Host and celebrity team captains vary from venue to venue.

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